Pathfinders reach out in many different ways...
Focusing on one-to-one family support via phone, e-mail and in-person contact, Pathfinders touch base with those who need someone to listen to their fears and concerns.  Pathfinders provide local/regional resource information and much more. Become a Pathfinder!

Pathfinder Coordinators pull it all together...
Some Pathfinders coordinate the activities of other outreach volunteers in their area.  Some host informal local gatherings like picnics and play dates; still others work to educate medical professionals and other service providers about what families need.  Take the next step!  Become a Pathfinder Coordinator!

Pathfinder Partner Organizations - The New PPO!
Formal and informal organizations become part of the Pathfinder Outreach Network and their members enroll in our national database.  This enhances the services offerred by all cleft/craniofacial support organizations.  Meet some member PPOs now!
Become a Pathfinder Partner Organization!

Pathfinder Partners support our programs...
Individuals and businesses financially support our programs while promoting public awareness of craniofacial issues.  Become a Pathfinder Partner!

Contact Us!
If you have general questions about the Pathfinder Outreach Network, an idea about how we can improve or enhance our services, would like to host a fundraising event, or are interested in on-site outreach training at your facility, contact us!
What Pathfinders do...
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