How should I match "buddies"?

It is very important to consider how you are matching families within your local network.  A parent whose child has already recovered from palate surgery would be a recommended buddy to the parents of a newborn.  However, the parent of a two-year-old would probably not be a good buddy for a relocated family with a teenager with a cleft.  While you should encourage interaction between all families in your network, when it comes to answering surgery or post-op questions, the buddy should have some first-hand experience with the issues the new family is facing.

Remind families that you and their buddy are not healthcare professionals, but can offer insight and guidance and above all...friendship!

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What about meetings and special events?

Work with AmeriFace and/or your team coordinator to set up special events such as holiday parties and educational conferences for your families.  Work with area businesses to plan family about a ball game or a movie?

The substance of the Pathfinder program is found in the everyday interaction between families.  But don't forget to add to the mix by planning fun and educational opportunities for everyone!

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