I don't have much time.  Can I still be a Pathfinder?

Absolutely!  Remember, this is a volunteer position!  There is a great joy that comes with volunteering and giving of one's self to others.  But at the same time, we all have lives to lead and jobs to go to and families who need our time, as well.  The Pathfinder program is designed specifically NOT to interfere with the important things in life!

What if there is already an established support network?

First of all, ask why you never knew about it!  What good is a support network that nobody knows about!  Team coordinators have an overwhelming job as it is, and often the responsibility of maintaining a support network falls on their shoulders, as well.  Many coordinators are more than happy to hear from a parent volunteer...someone who is willing to take the bull by the horns and re-establish those important family connections.

If a framework has already been established, or if the foundation of the network needs a little work to re-launch, your team coordinator can plug you in with the right people.  Bring your Pathfinder ideas to the table to assist your local outreach coordinator.

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